The Future of Small Business Finance

Recent changes in US Securities Law (March 2021) have finally empowered the original vision of 2016’s JOBS act to provide an effective route to funding besides traditional lending. We have a comprehensive paper on the subject from an expert in raising billions for businesses and real estate with more detail.

Having provided more eligibility of investors and allowed them to intermingle on a single offering by a firm worthy of investor funding means that it’s now less expensive, faster and more certain to gain funding via direct engagement to investors, or crowdfunding than has ever been true in the US.

Increased limits for both money raised by issuers and allowable investment by investors will draw a higher caliber of capital formation, marketing, law and other experts in building businesses into this part of the capital formation spectrum.

How people who need funding or people who wish to add higher reward (albeit higher risk) investments will evolve. We are using this site to hear from yo. We want to share with you what we believe will be some great ways to put this to work for you but, as the point of this option in raising business funds is to dictate your own terms rather than have to live with those of a lender, we are asking you to contact us and share with us what is important to you in raising funds for your real estate syndicated purchase or your business expansion or purchase.


If you’re a FINRA registered Crowdfunding Portal we have a way for you to increase the issuers you serve with a less expensive and likely faster path to closed deal flow. We don’t supplant or impact any of your proven methods and our efforts drive investors to your site.


If you are challenged by your options in gathering funds to start or expand your business imagine an SBA loan you don’t have to repay. Effectively, our program will allow you to directly engage investors offering them value, not necessarily equity on your terms. We will structure your deal and find you the investors that are seeking opportunities like yours all at roughly half the price of other methods.


Our approach blends the acumen of sophisticated investors who know and live this kind of investing with the broad market of small investors who demonstrate the market for the business. In addition, FINRA regulated investment portals and more certain financial assumptions are a requirement for investments we work with while a rarity in other private equity offers.

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