Our parent, Crowdfund Roundup, has conducted research over most of the last decade and all the years since the JOBS act became law to find out what works and what isn’t in crowdfunding. We’ve identified that a steady flow of deals likely to not only succeed in their funding efforts but to do it quickly is key to you becoming and remaining profitable as competition for deal flow increases. We encourage you to read our whitepaper on the subject.

You know and probably cajole your issuers that marketing is key to the success of a campaign and that is, by regulatory requirement, the responsibility of the issuer. We work with the issuers you refer to us to find the right mix of accredited investors that have either a prior similar investment or a desire for investment in this kind of venture together with the social capital the issuer brings: his family, friends, social media followers, and any other unaccredited investors.

We provide the legal and marketing framework for the deal and ensure it’s ready for you to simply post and collect on your portal. You pay us only whatever deal referral fees you already have in place or we bill the issuer directly for our services and they add that to the raise.

We welcome a conversation on exactly how this will work for you. Please provide your contact information below so that we might discuss what’s most important to you and how we can tailor a solution to help you achieve it.

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